State Supreme Court ruling for Boca Raton restaurateur PNR makes suits alleging deceptive trade practices easier to bring.

In a ruling that gives plaintiffs a new weapon in commercial lease disputes, the Florida Supreme Court said that parties can recover damages under Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act by proving that they were cheated in a single transaction.

In it’s March 13 decision, the high court ruled 5-2 that plaintiffs were not required to show that a defendant corporation engaged in a broad pattern of “regular and systematic” deceptive or unfair business conduct.

For the first time, the high court also applied the consumer protection law to commercial landlord-tenant disputes. In PNR v. Beacon Property Management Inc., the court held that a commercial landlord who has breached a lease agreement by failing to properly maintain the premises could be found liable under the trade practices statute.

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    • PNR v. Beacon Property Mgt.
    • Suits alleging deceptive trade practices easier to bring with State Supreme Court ruling...