At the LOCURTO LAW FIRM (LLF) our most important objective is to provide our client's with a real value in exchange for the cost of the legal services we provide. We provide financially sound solutions to all manner of legal problems which arise during the course of business. We pride ourselves on our ability to "think more like a businessman than a lawyer". Regrettably many lawyers and law firms allow litigation to drag on for years generating huge fees and serving little interest beyond their own, even when a quick resolution is readily attained.

In law, like in other areas of business, "bigger is not always better". Often times people are mislead by the notion that hiring the biggest law firm and paying their enormous fees increases their chance of success. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, LLF has defeated some of the State and the Nation's biggest law firms in all types of litigation matters for a fraction of the cost. We can do this because we do not have the huge overhead large firms have.

Unlike many large firms at LLF each client is much more than a number or a dollar sign. Our goal is to establish trust and build long lasting relationships with every client. The greatest compliment LLF has been paid by our clients is their continued trust in returning to our firm each and every time a legal issue arises in their business.

Perhaps the best way to illustrate the LLF philosophy is through a real life example. Our most famous case PNR vs. Beacon Property Management, Inc. lasted THIRTEEN (13) YEARS and was litigated all the way to the Supreme Court of Florida. Our client the plaintiff, who was financially wiped out by the defendant, could not afford to pay us anything beyond the third year of litigation. We refused to give up on our client's case simply because they ran out of money. When the appellate court incredibly reversed a multi-million dollar jury verdict which we obtained for our client and they could not afford the cost of the appeal, we kept fighting based on our own resources and resolve. We stayed the course for the next ten (10) years while the case slowly made its way through the appellate courts. Needless to say, with amount of attorney's time in the case over thirteen years, it was a net financial loss to LLF. In the end however, our determination and resolve paid dividends. LLF, through the PNR case, changed the law in favor of consumer protection, including businesses, in Florida for years to come.